How it works

How it works

Record a sound file using any device (digital sound files, DVD, CD, analogue tapes, MP3, .DSS. .WAV - any format). Send the file to us. When we receive the sound file from you, we will confirm receipt and advise the estimated completion time. We then assign the file to your typist. Once the file has been transcribed into your preferred format, it is sent back to you.

To ensure a consistent service, each typist has a back-up typist. Each typist will sign a confidentiality agreement for you.

Click here to read more information from our "Digital Explained" file

Simple solutions

In summary, you send us your sound files. We transcribe and return them to you within an agreed time frame to your specifications. We also design and supply templates, letterhead, precedents and document automation/macros. One short meeting at your office to discuss our service is all we need to offer you a simple solution.

We ask that you carefully read our terms and then complete a short questionnaire. You may also be asked to forward to us some further documents and files, depending on your specific requirements. You can then take full advantage of all of our faster turnaround times and competitive pricing. Click here to download the documents.

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