Our People

Lisa Macready
Lisa offers commitment, enthusiasm and self-motivation combined with a professional approach. She has worked as a specialist medical and legal typist and IT assistant for firms in New Zealand, Ireland and England. Lisa is a Legal Executive and certified in Microsoft Office. She offers document automation services in addition to fast, accurate typing services. Lisa is the Office Manager for the team and offers telephone sales and support for digital systems. Lisa is a mum to Ursula.

Donna McKenzie
Donna has worked in a number of small and international firms providing computer support and, more recently, developing computer programs. Donna provides technical support, website development, accounts support and office management for the team. She is a mum to Rose and Finn.

Nickie Morgan
Nickie returns to the team after some time off with her son Liam. Nickie will be helping with general typing and some administrative and accounts duties. Nickie has been a typist/PA for over 20 years and her bubbly personality and positive attitude are a plus to the team. Nickie is big sister to Lisa and Donna.

Paulette Jones
Paulette has over 20 years experience working as a secretary in law firms in both New Zealand and the United States. She offers dedication and passion and is a well-known personality in New Zealand law firms. Paulette is the founder of Computer Curiosities in New Zealand and offers complete IT solutions in addition to legal research and typing services. Paulette is a mum to two children.

Lisa Day
Lisa is a specialist legal and medical typist. She has worked in both New Zealand and overseas firms since 1979. She really enjoys the pressure and the deadlines, and just getting on with the job. Her great sense of humour and "can do" attitude is a plus for the team. Lisa is a mum to two children.

Pauline Allen
Pauline has been a specialist medical typist for over 20 years. Her specialist knowledge and confidence with technical terms are a real plus to the team. She loves living in the country and is a real team player. She enjoys being a “sporty” mum, playing amateur squash and keeping up her yoga.

Eileen Kirkby
Eileen is a specialist medical typist from exotic Rotorua. Her fast, very accurate typing, positive attitude and willingness to learn means that she is a great asset for the team. She is a mum to two young boys who keep her very busy whenever school is out.

Dani Rahman
Dani has been a specialist legal typist for around 15 years. She is a mum to Bel and enjoys the flexibility and challenge of working with the team. Her willingness to take on extra work when required and adaptability is a real plus to the team.

Raji Unka
Raji is a personal favourite with many clients. She has an excellent legal background and is fast, accurate and experienced. She is always willing to take on a little extra to help out when needed. Raji has recently come back to the team after the birth of her second child.

Gena Taylor
Gena is the youngest mum in our team. Gena has a solid legal background and also holds her Legal Executive Certificate. She helps the team with a selection of legal clients and also helps with some project work when required.

Robyn Evans
Robyn has a solid legal background and a positive attitude. She is always willing to take on extra work and help out, making her an excellent member of the team. 

Nadine Torkington
Nadine is our newest addition to the medical team. She is a proud mum to Jack. Nadine does general and specialist medical typing including sports medicine

Nicky Riley
Nicky joins us from Christchurch. She is a whiz WP operator with 20 years experience in legal typing and her MOUS qualification in Word and Powerpoint. She has 2 young children.

Kirsty, Kirsty C, Gloria, Lisa J and Janine are our medical/project overflow typists. Gloria and Janine have a specialist legal background and excellent general knowledge, while Kirsty has a medical background. Kirsty C and Lisa J have a general background are are excellent project typists. All are proud mums.

*More to come, watch this space!

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