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On-call typing available for law firms, barristers and solicitors, media monitoring agencies, market research companies, doctors, medical clinics and hospital departments.

A complete pay-as-you-go solution for outsourced transcription.

  • Typists with experience in all settings
  • Familiarity with terminology and use of reference materials
  • Dictation interpretative skills

Combining digital dictation with typing is the future of Word Processing. Digital dictation machines are widely available and have almost replaced the old analogue tape machine.

However, the impact of the new technology is minimal. Dictation into a handheld recorder is done in the normal way. Instead of a tape, the recorder has a memory chip similar to that found in digital cameras.

This sound recording is compressed, encoded and downloaded into a personal computer using software already provided with the recorder, simply by plugging the handheld recorder into the computer.

Once dictated, digital sound files can be sent as email attachments or transferred using a range of secure file transfer methods.

Once the file has been received by Digitype, the files are played back using special software to transcribe the encoded files. The sound files are transcribed into standard Word documents generated from templates provided by the client.

The completed Word document is sent back to as an email attachment or using secure file transfer methods. The document is then saved and printed out in the normal way by the client at their office.

By using the existing office infrastructure, anyone with a PC and Internet access can take advantage of this new innovative technology.

Why use Digitype?


  • Fast turnaround in your own specified timeframe
  • Digital sound simply means improved sound quality, which will reduce errors
  • You receive immediate email advice of estimated turnaround time

Cut costs

  • Reduce administration and employment costs, no recruitment costs
  • The ideal solution for capacity overflow caused by staff sickness/holidays or special projects
  • Reduced office overheads and saving on office space
  • Increase the efficiency of your existing employees

Ease of use

  • Seamless integration into print ready documents
  • Easily allocate and reallocate as you require
  • The latest technology to keep you ahead of your competition
  • The flexibility to dictate wherever you are

Customised solutions

  • Dedicated transcriptionists who are professionally trained in your company requirements
  • Consistent use of the same typists for your company - our secretaries become yours

Where to from here?

Digitype will offer proactive assistance when beginning a programme of outsourced typing. We have the necessary experience in dealing with large offices to co-ordinate an effective implementation strategy. We aim to remove the burden of organisation and implementation by liaising closely with you and giving constant feedback on progress.

Our implementation strategy includes:

  • A dedicated liaison with a direct phone line
  • Regular on-site assistance including education and training
  • Assistance with the improvement of Word templates and file transfer methods if needed
  • Complimentary ongoing assistance with any technical issues and helpdesk support for extra software and hardware training

Digitype agrees that confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

Our entire team comprises qualified and experienced typists, who are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Arrangements can be made for any very sensitive work to be processed on non-networked PCs. Only templates are stored, all transcribed files are deleted 7 days after the work is completed so that no confidential data is held by any typist

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