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We transcribe files for small, medium and large law firms, barristers and solicitors, media monitoring agencies, doctors, medical clinics and hospital departments, telecommunications companies, market research companies and insurance companies.

We can transcribe all digital file formats. We also transcribe analogue tapes, provide copy typing services and verbatim/word for word transcripts and transcribe from other file formats such as PDF by prior arrangement.

We support, sell and recommend a number of digital systems including Olympus, Philips and New Zealand's own digital solutions company, Winscribe. Contact us for a no-obligation demonstration.

For simplicity, each file or digital sound file submitted for transcription will be referred to in this document as an "Assignment".

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Application form

When completing and sending back our application form, please include:

  • completed application form; and
  • a copy of any templates, logos and other related electronic files necessary to complete your work to your formats.

If you have any questions about what to provide, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also provide assistance with creating templates or formats.

We will work closely with you for the first few files to ensure the system meets your requirements.

Chargeable Assignments may be undertaken immediately, before the application form has been received by Digitype.

Changes to Terms

Digitype reserves the right to change these terms on notice by posting a notice of change of terms on the Digitype website.

You may give notice at any time in writing to Digitype requesting that all material relating to you, electronic or written, be destroyed by Digitype.

Ownership of the goods and services sold by Digitype in all cases is retained by Digitype until payment is made in full for the goods and services as invoiced plus any other money, goods or services owing. If the goods and or services supplied by Digitype are sold prior to Digitype receiving payment in full, then the entire proceeds from the sale shall be the property of Digitype. Ownership of copyright in the templates, forms, precedents, and automated documents, documents, files and formats created by Digitype is retained by Digitype until payment has been received in full.

[top]Hours of Availability

A Digitype typist will be available from:

Greenwich Mean Time Monday to Friday 7.00 pm to 7.00 am

New Zealand Standard Time Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

Please note that work for overnight should be received no later than 5 pm NZ Time.

For those from the United Kingdom and Ireland this means a typist is available at a competitive rate during the standard overtime hours. Effectively, Assignments are completed while you sleep.

Wherever possible a typist will be available outside these hours for urgent work.

[top]Submitting Assignments

Assignments may be sent at any time to Digitype via e-mail address or alternative secure file transfer.

In general typists will only begin the Assignments once the Assignment and completion instructions have been received by a dedicated typist during the Hours of Availability.

Where no completion instructions or precedents are supplied when submitting an Assignment, provided that enough detail has been supplied, Assignments will be completed to comply with your preferences as set out in your application and no responsibility will be taken for incorrect or incomplete completion of the Assignment due to failure by you to supply to Digitype detailed instructions for completion of the transcription.

Submit By Email

1. Download your dictation to your computer to create the voice file as usual

2. Create an email addressed to Digitype

3. Navigate to the voice file

4. Attach the voice file to the email together with any precedents you wish to be used

5. Send

Submit By Secure FTP Download


1. Download your dictation to your computer to create the voice file as usual

2. Log on to the secure site using the Login details provided by Digitype

3. Upload the file and any precedents you wish to use

4. Send an email to Digitype notifying us that the file/s has/have been uploaded


  1. In your digital dictation system change the "Send to Typist/Recipient Settings" to upload digital files directly to the secure site.*
  2. Send an email to Digitype notifying the file has been uploaded and attaching any precedents you wish to be used.

[top]Weekend and Public Holiday Service

UK Clients

Assignments will be transcribed between 7.00 am Saturdays and 7.00 pm Sundays Greenwich Mean Time by prior arrangement only.

Where you have not previously required Digitype’s Weekend and Public Holiday service but wish to use it urgently, a request can be made to Digitype by forwarding notice in writing (via e-mail) before 7am Greenwich Mean Time on the Friday prior to the weekend that the service is required.

New Zealand/Australian clients

New Zealand/Australian clients are invited to call to arrange a suitable time for transcription, and to confirm that your assigned typist or back up typist will be available.

[top]Turnaround Times

For Australian/New Zealand clients, turnaround time will generally be under four hours or for files received after 5.00 pm, overnight.

For UK/Ireland clients, turnaround will generally be next day.

Turnaround time describes the length of time between receipt of the Assignment by Digitype and return of the completed Assignment.

Turnaround time begins from receipt by the typist of the Assignment and completion instructions.

For UK clients, where Assignments are submitted between 7.00 am Saturdays and 7.00 pm Sundays Greenwich mean time and prior arrangement for Weekend and Public Holiday service has not been made the Assignment will be deemed to have been received by a typist Sunday at 7.00 pm Greenwich mean time and the turnaround time begins at that time.

[top]Customised Formats

There is no extra charge for completing work to comply with your formats. You are asked to supply up-to-date files to Digitype with your application form or before commencement of any Assignments.

Where a customised format is not specified or required all word processing will be supplied in our standard format.

*For members who estimate over 24 hours of work a month of their digital dictation work will be outsourced to Digitype, Digitype will prepare basic customised formats at no extra charge if requested to do so.

Changes to Preferences and Formats

Any request for changes to preferences or customised formats after preferences have been advised will require notice in writing to Digitype and updated copies of relevant files supplied to Digitype where necessary.

Confirmation of the changes will be given by Digitype on receipt of such notice.

Changes to Terms

Digitype reserves the right to change these terms without notice by posting a notice of change of terms on the Digitype website.

[top]Payment of Invoices

Unless otherwise agreed Assignments for the week will be invoiced to Friday each week and invoices will be paid within 7 days from the date of invoice. Statements will be provided monthly.

Invoices may be paid by direct credit or telegraphic transfer. Other payment methods will be accepted by prior arrangement only. Payment terms and procedures will be quoted on all invoices supplied.

Digitype reserves the right charge penalty interest of 15% per annum together with any additional costs incurred in relation to recovering outstanding amounts.


Check with us for our current rates and per word quotes.

Assignments will generally be invoiced by hour or part thereof, with no minimum charge. One hour's dictation equates to approximately 3 hours of transcription and proof reading, provided the dictation is of reasonable quality. Charges are based on the transcription time, not the length of dictation.

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