Why use Digitype


  • Fast turnaround in your own specified timeframe
  • Digital sound simply means improved sound quality, which will reduce errors
  • You receive immediate email advice of estimated turnaround time

Cut costs

  • Reduce administration and employment costs, no recruitment costs
  • The ideal solution for capacity overflow caused by staff sickness/holidays or special projects
  • Reduced office overheads and saving on office space
  • Increase the efficiency of your existing employees

Ease of use

  • Seamless integration into print ready documents
  • Easily allocate and reallocate as you require
  • The latest technology to keep you ahead of your competition
  • The flexibility to dictate wherever you are

Customised solutions

  • Dedicated transcriptionists who are professionally trained in your company requirements
  • Consistent use of the same typists for your company - our secretaries become yours

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