Please click here to see a sample confidentiality agreement.

Digitype agrees that client confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Digitype will, on receipt of your application form, provide a standard confidentiality agreement. Your assigned typist and back-up typist will also provide you with a standard confidentiality agreement on request.

Digitype will accept Assignments by e-mail or by other means of file transfer. Digitype will also provide an alternative secure file transfer option with password security if requested.

To ensure client confidentiality all computer software and hardware used by Digitype typists will be configured to prevent unauthorised viewing or copying, and, unless otherwise specifically arranged between Digitype and you:

  • Any digital sound files and/or precedents used to complete the Assignment will be deleted within 7 days of completion of the Assignment.
  • No hard-copy documents relating to the Assignment will be kept by Digitype.
  • On request by you all material including but not limited to customised formats and preferences, digital sound files and Assignments will be promptly destroyed by Digitype.

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